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Trading Platform

One-stop shop for market-neutral cryptocurrency trading strategies

MultiTrader is cryptocurrency trading platform enabling its users to trade with cross-exchange and cross-product market-neutral strategies

Futures Spread Trading

Trade on cross-exchange calendar spreads

Basis Trading

Trade on cross-exchange spot-derivative spreads

Users can trade with the use of spread trading terminal, place automated orders or can employ bots to automate trading strategies.

MultiTrader Spread Trading Platform is under development, we are not providing any services yet, if you want to be informed when we are ready, just leave us a note via the Contact page.


Multiple exchange integrations

MultiTrader uses your API key to trade on your behalf. MultiTrader doesn't require you to deposit any funds on MultiTrader account.

Cross-exchange order book matching

The platform receives stream of order books fro multiple exchanges and computes precise depth and value of the trading opportunities

Realtime automated trading

You can employ bots to work for you, each with different trading strategy, that will react in milliseconds on the market situation

Optmiser and backtesting

You can back-test your strategy with the use of the pre-recorded order books. Optimiser can exercise millions of various scenarios to come up with the best parameters for your bot based on historical data

Knowledge base

Understanding basics

In this example we are considering basic arbitrage on spot prices. When the price difference is spotted, buy where the price is lower, transfer to exchange where the price is higher, sell.

Spread fluctuations #1

The spread between assets fluctuates, once it is positive once it is negative. In this example we will start trade when the price on exchange A is lower than on exchange B. Do the opposite trade when the price on exchange A is higher than on exchange B.... and repeat

Spread fluctuations #2

In this case we assume the spread becomes artificial instrument that we trade like any other normal instrument.