Auto-Trigger orders

We have released Auto-Trigger orders.

Auto-Trigger orders are executed by BitSpreader when the price reaches the trigger price level. At that moment BitSpreader executes regular Market Order with provided size.

  • Auto-Trigger BUY – BitSpreader will execute the order when the spread ASK price is below the trigger price
  • Auto-Trigger SELL – BitSpreader will execute the order when the spread BID price is above the trigger price

Auto-Trigger order works in a similar way as a limit order on regular exchange but the differences are significant, therefore we avoid using the name Limit Order in this case.

IMPORTANT! There is no guarantee that the actual price of the transaction will be equal to the trigger price – there is high probability of SLIPPAGE due to the LATENCY. Auto-Trigger uses market orders for the execution. There is a latency introduced on transport between the exchange and BitSpreader. The market moves very fast and there is high chance that the order books will be in different state when your market orders get to the exchange.

After the Auto-Trigger order is created: you can manage the order in the Active Spread Orders pane

Check out Auto-Trigger orders on BitSpreader Crypto Futures Spread Trading Platform

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