After the first glance on the multi-user demo platform I’ve noticed its major weakness. I can grant demo user 10000 USD eg. on Bitstamp. However user can’t do much with that. To let the paper trading demo bots to do any arbitrage, user would need also demo balance in other currencies and not only on Bitstamp but also on other exchanges. That has led me to the conclusion:

MultiTrader needs interface that would let users to trade on any exchange in the same way as the Coingy does that.

Actually that shouldn’t big deal. I’ve got the code to perform both live and paper trades on all the exchanges, I’ve got live order book data. I need to work on the user interface to accept “manual” order requests. Also I need UI to display single trades. Until now MultiTrader was displaying trades only in form of arbitrage trade sets – eg. for Oscillator strategy trade set consists of two trades, in case of Red Phoenix trade needs at least 4 trades.

Here is the first attempt to build multi-exchange user interface:

Here you can see the new way of displaying trades:

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