I’ve finished the work on the multi-user demo platform. This is a step on the way to live multi-user platform. What are the functionalities of the multi-user demo platform:

  • each user has his own bots
  • bots execute trades on user’s behalf
  • each user can browse only his bots and his trades
  • the biggest change is the introduction of the demo funds – user gets some demo funds right after joining the platform – eg 10000 USD
  • paper trading bots make use of the demo funds – demo bot can trade only if the demo funds are available, user can track the transactions in the same way as they if they would be made with the real trades
  • the “demo” flag is now on the platform level. Previously single instance of the platform could run both live trading bots as well as paper trading bots. From now on live platform can run only live bots, demo platform can run only demo, paper trading bots

There are couple more steps to get to the multi-user live platform:

  • introduce api key management – user must be able to add his own api keys for each exchange
  • introduce separation between private & public exchange connectors pool. Exchange connectors that are using only public exchange API, used to provide current prices, need to be run in separate instance. Platform needs to have a pool of exchange connectors that are configured with API keys provided by the users.
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