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New Balances UI

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Telegram BOT SCAM

I've started receiving emails from users having issues with some telegram bot. I made a quick search and I've noticed that there are two...

Market making with cross-exchange hedging versus arbitrage

Due to or thanks to the fact that each exchange has its own order books and exchanges are separate, geographically distributed entities, the order...

Cross-exchange market making

In the course of 2020 I've built the market making algorithm that is capable of transferring the liquidity from the highly liquidity exchanges to...

Live Triangular Arbitrage monitoring!

From now on MultiTrader supports live triangular arbitrage monitoring! Every second MultiTrader scans over 100000 combinations of triangular arbitrage markets. What is worth mentioning MultiTrader...

Active Quoting

The bot actively quotes on one quoting exchange with the use of the limit orders, adding the predefined spread to the price obtained from...

Crypto futures spread trading

Lately I've been learning about bitcoin futures spread trading. As the number of the exchanges that offer derivatives grows, the futures spread trading known...

Margin Trading – Balance

Started the work on margin trading, balance screen already provides margin trades balance and list of open positions  

Dynamic backtester

Dynamic backtester lets to test the strategy in longer period of times. Dynamic backtester is capable of adjusting the parameters of the strategy within...

Trade history export

Users can export their trade history to CSV files.

New strategies

Users can now select from 7 different strategies to dynamically update bot parameters.